​DKFORUM 2022 application by FORUM8


光と音の淡路島西海岸   Awaji Island west coast of light and sound in Jan.-Mar. 2022
In "Awajishima West Coast of Light and Sound," each facility operated by the Pasona Group is likened to a campus, and is produced with digital art and illuminations. In the main content "Open your eyes and dream" -Awajishima Digital Hanging Axis 2021-2022-, the digital hanging axis is projected onto the restaurants of "Nojima Scola", "Miele", "Ocean Terrace", and "Qinghai Wave". Visitors enjoyed seeing the colors change over time. In addition, some restaurants show live music by musicians. Beautiful music such as traditional winter masterpieces and light feast, creating a fantastic space.
小倉城   KOKURA Castle in January. 2022
The 7th National Meigetsu Summit in Kitakyushu was held. The moon seen from the city's tourist attractions, Kokura Castle (Kokura Kita Ward) and Sarakurayama (Yahatahigashi Ward), was certified as "100 Famous Moons in Japan", and there was a certification award ceremony, as well as a tour of the illuminated Kokura Castle. Tour etc. were carried out.
At night, the "Kokura Castle Digital Hanging Scroll" that projects a vivid digital image on the outer wall of Kokura Castle It was carried out and many visitors enjoyed the digital hanging scroll.
おといろ光太ハーモニーホール   OTOIRO KOTA Harmony Hall in March. 2022
Opened in Cynthia Yamate, Showa-ku, Nagoya Opening of "Otoiro Kota Harmony Hall" DK was held at the event.Music stages such as conch shell performance, piano performance,
and gagaku performance were lively with DK.
武生中央公園   TAKEFU Central Park in March. 2022
A gourmet fair along the Hokuriku Shinkansen is held at the indoor exhibition hall "Masakari Don no Yakata" in Takefu Central Park, Echizen City. A variety of 19 booths such as production experiences were lined up. Two years after the opening of the Shinkansen, Echizen City sponsored it to foster a momentum for regional excitement. At the traditional craft experience / sales corner, you can enjoy making minicars with Echizen Japanese paper plows and Echizen sashimono, which has been popular among children.
天神平スキー場   TENJINDAIRA Ski Resort in Apr.-May. 2022
 "Night cruising in the sky", which specially operates the night ropeway, is fantastic in dusk. It will be a riding experience in the atmosphere. The moment you jump out into the jet-black darkness is in outer space You can feel the impression of popping out. Focusing on digital hanging scrolls and mirror ball art by world-famous digital artist Akira Hasegawa Various projects are prepared, and you can experience a special starry sky.