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​DKFORUM 2021 application by FORUM8


国立京都国際会館   KYOTO International Conference Center in January 2021
Since the JCI World Congress was held in Kyoto as the second largest place in Japan in November 1966, various conferences have been held in Kyoto, including the ordinary general meeting that will start the new year, and JCI Japan for one year. It has become established as a place to share the direction and policies of Kyoto, and in 2021, the DIGITAL KAKEJIKU was distributed nationwide at the opening and ending of the online conference. Approximately 20,000 people who participated in the online youth chambers nationwide watched it.
上野水上音楽堂   UENO Water Music Hall in February 2021
A shopkeeper in Ueno, trying to express and disseminate various thoughts such as support for medical professionals, reconstruction of the town, and requiem in the corona disaster from Shinobazu Pond, which is a comfort space with one of the most natural environments in the city center. Was planned in collaboration with us. The event will be held without spectators and will be live streamed online to the world in 8K video. A total of 1500 people watched it.In this "PEACE OF LIGHT", three performances will collaborate and perform, centering on the DIGITAL KAKEJIKU, so as to weave it into the light. First of all, a performance where a local shop owner brings a candle to a prayer animal object standing in the light created by the artists. Then, a beautiful piano and soprano performance that is guided by the light and snuggles up. Finally, a shakuhachi performance was performed in which the concept of the "one-tone Buddhahood" of the classical shakuhachi was fused with a digital hanging scroll.
コロナ禍のなかで、医療従事者への応援・まちの復興・鎮魂といったさまざまな想いを、都心有数の自然環境を有する慰楽の空間である不忍池から表現・発信しようと、上野の商店主たちが連携して企画されました。イベントは無観客で開催され、オンラインで世界に向けて8K映像でライブ配信。のべ1500人が視聴しました。今回の「PEACE OF LIGHT」では、デジタル掛け軸を中心に、その光に織り込むように、3つのパフォーマンスがコラボレーションして上演。まずは、アーティスト達が制作した光の中に佇む祈りの動物オブジェに地元商店主がキャンドルを持ち寄るパフォーマンス。続いて、光に導かれ寄り添うような美しいピアノとソプラノの演奏。最後に、古典尺八の持つ「一音成仏」のコンセプトをデジタル掛け軸に融合させる尺八の演奏が行われました。
天神平スキー場   TENJINDAIRA Ski Risorts in April 2021
"Night cruising in the sky", which specially operates the ropeway at night, is a riding experience in a fantastic atmosphere in dusk. At the moment of jumping out into the jet-black darkness, you can feel the impression of jumping out into outer space. Various projects are prepared centering on the DIGITAL KAKEJIKU and mirror ball art of world-famous digital artist Akira Hasegawa, and you can experience a special starry sky.
越前大仏   ECHIZEN Great Buddha Hall in May 2021
Daishiyama Seidaiji is a temple of the Rinzai sect Myoshinji school, and consists of a five-storied pagoda, a main hall, a south gate, a middle gate, and a garden. In the Kondo, the Great Buddha of Bi Roshana Nyorai, which was modeled after the statue of Ryumon Hosetsuji in Luoyang, People's Republic of China, is enshrined. The image height is 17.0m.
菅生石部神社   SUGO-ISHIBE Shrine in July 2021
 "Site Tenjin Ko" is a summer festival held every summer for three days. It is one of the venerable Shinto rituals with a history of 1,400 years. The famous one is the Kaya no Wa Shinto ritual. Go through the ring of Kaya, which is over 2 meters high, and cleanse the dirt and troubles for half a year so far. In addition, there are three types of butterfly dances by boys, "Fan Dance", "Suzu Dance", and "Butterfly Dance". While adults often dance in Japan, the dance of Sugo Ishibe Shrine is also known as a very rare Shinto ritual because boys dance.
毎年夏の3日間行われる夏祭り、「敷地天神講」。 1,400年にもなる歴史を持つ、由緒正しき神事の1つです。 有名なのは茅の輪神事。 高さ2メートルを超える茅の輪をくぐり、ここまで半年間の穢れや厄を祓います。 更に少年たちによる蝶の舞は、「扇の舞」「鈴の舞」「蝶の舞」の3種が奉納されます。 全国でも大人が舞うことが多い中、ここ菅生石部神社の舞は少年が舞うため、大変珍しい神事としても知られています。
東別院   HIGASHI-BETSUIN Temple in August 2021
  "Higashi Betsuin Delight Party x D-K Live DIGITAL KAKEJIKU" was held at Higashi Betsuin for 3 days from August 13th (Friday) to 15th (Sunday). This event, which has been held over the years for many years, will be held this summer. "D-K DIGITAL KAKEJIKU" is an art that transcends time and space, reached by Akira Hasegawa, who has been at the forefront of digital art. It is a fantastic space created by projecting over one million digital images randomly combined with multiple projectors into historic buildings and magnificent nature. This time, in addition to being projected on the main hall of Higashi Betsuin, a circle-shaped DIGITAL KAKEJIKU  was projected for the first time in Japan so that you can enjoy it anywhere in the hospital.
東別院で、8月13日(金)~15日(日)までの3日間、「東別院 歓喜会×D-K Live デジタル掛け軸」が開催されました。何年もの間、年越しに行われてきた当イベントが今年は夏に開催。「D-K デジタル掛け軸」は、デジタルアートの先端を走り続けた長谷川章さんがたどり着いた、時空を超えた芸術。アトランダムに組み合わされた百万枚を超えるデジタル映像を、複数のプロジェクターで歴史的建造物や雄大な自然に投射し作り出される幻想的な空間です。今回は、東別院本堂に映しだされる他、院内どこにいても楽しめるよう、全国で初めてサークル型のデジタル掛け軸が投影されました。
禄剛崎灯台   ROKKOSAKI Lighthouse in September 2021
 "Rokkosaki Lighthouse" is a lighthouse located in Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture. A lighthouse located at the northern end of the Noto Peninsula, which is also popular as a tourist destination, it is also a place where you can enjoy both the magnificent sunrise from the east side (Uchiura) and the sunset over the west side (Toura), and the beautiful view is attractive throughout the day. is.The moonlight illuminates the jet-black sea surface, and the space synchronized with the digital hanging scroll that illuminates the lighthouse is worth a visit.
洲本アルチザンスクエア   SUMOTO ARTISAN Square in October 2021
 The Awaji Flower Expo 20th Anniversary Flower Green Fair [Autumn] will be held in 4 areas (Sumoto, Awaji, Minamiawaji, Satellite) on Awaji Island from September 18th to October 31st, and the DIGITAL KAKEJIKU will be Sumoto. The event was held for three days at Sumoto Artisan Square, a red brick building built in the Meiji era. During the biggest event period on Awaji Island for about a month and a half, the digital hanging scroll played an important role as an event to experience art.
淡路花博20周年記念 花みどりフェア【秋期】は、9月18日~10月31日の期間で、淡路島内の4エリア(洲本・淡路・南あわじ・サテライト)で開催され、デジタル掛軸は、洲本会場の明治時代に建造された赤レンガ造りの洲本アルチザンスクエアにて3日間開催されました。約1か月半の淡路島最大のイベント期間の中で、デジタル掛軸は、アートを体験するイベントとして、重要な役割を果たしていました。
​光のアートで校舎を包もう   DKFORUM SPIN-OFF Project 2021

This year, due to the self-restraint of Corona, we were forced to close the school for a long time, and we learned a lot outside of subject classes such as cultural festivals, sports festivals, and art presentations. It is decreasing. Learning at these on-campus events is an "active learning" for realizing "independent, interactive, and deep learning."  I think that it also plays a big role as a "gu", but in the limited time like this year, the high school alone organizes an event and holds it.  I don't think it's easy to do. Therefore, the university will propose a collaborative lesson to provide a place for students to learn.


​成女学園   SEIJO GAKUEN ACADEMY in November 2021
​白鵬女子高等学校   HAKUHO GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL  in November 2021
​香里ヌーヴェル学院   KORI NEVERS ACADEMY  in November 2021
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