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​DKFORUM 2020 application by FORUM8


高田本山・専修寺  SENSHUJI Temple in March 2020
Takadahonzan Senshuji is the head temple of the Shinshu Takada school, which was opened by Shinran saints.The time when Shinran saints lived was due to large earthquakes, famines, wars and natural disasters.It was a world dominated by great anxiety.This time, due to the coronavirus epidemic, it was held in a hurry with no audience.However, the significance of holding DK FORUM at this place at this timingI think it became a big one.
​花の窟神社  HANANOIWAYA Shrine in March 2020

Hananoiwaya Shrine is also listed in the Nihon Shoki Izanami Mikoto is the oldest shrine in Japan It is said to be the buried tomb. Izanami Mikoto gave birth to Japan, a land of Japan. Many gods such as the sun, moon, fire, soil, gold, and water It is told in mythology with the mother goddess who created it. Su.Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the mood of self-restraint In the middle, more visitors than expected visited a once-in-a-lifetime night with a digital hanging scroll You enjoyed it.


​那智山・青岸渡寺  SEIGANTOJI Temple in March 2020

Nachisan / Aogishi Watari Temple is registered as a World Heritage Site This is Kumano Miyama. Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage It is widely known as the number one ticket office. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, in a self-restraint mood, More visitors than expected visited, and the night of the onc


​洲本アルチザンスクエア  SUMOTO ARTISAN Square in October 2020

The Awaji Flower Expo 20th Anniversary Flower Green Fair will be held this fall due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection. It was sent and held in the spring and autumn of next year, but in the form of a pre-event, including digital hanging scrolls, outdoor events It was planned around the event. The event venue, Sumoto Artisan Square, is a red brick building built in the Meiji era and is a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.It has been recognized as a modern industrial heritage site, and many citizens packed the venue on Saturday and Sunday.

淡路花博20周年記念花みどりフェアは、新型コロナウイルス感染症の影響により、今年秋の開催を見送り、 来年の春期と秋期に開催となりましたが、プレイベントという形で、デジタル掛軸をはじめ、屋外イベン トを中心に企画されました。イベント会場の洲本アルチザンスクエアは、明治時代に建設された赤レンガ 造りの建物で、経済産業省の近代化産業遺産に認定されており、土曜日、日曜日は、多くの市民が会場に 詰め掛けました。

​小嶋山妙観院  KOJIMAYAMA MYOKANIN Temple in October 2020

Kojimayama Myokanin was driftwood about 1100 years ago when Kobo Daishi (Kukai) stopped by a ship from Sado to Nanao. It is said that the beginning was when he obtained (Sacred Tree), gave a sword and three bows, carved the Holy Kanzeon Bosatsu, and dedicated it to this land.This Holy Kanzeon Bosatsu is considered a secret Buddha and is opened once every 33 years. This time, it ’s a corona virus, so it ’s special. Separately, we wished for the early convergence of the corona, and the book was opened.

小嶋山妙観院は、1100年ほど前、弘法大師(空海)が船で佐渡からこの七尾に立ち寄った 際に流木(霊木)を得て、一刀三礼し、聖観世音菩薩を彫刻し、この地に奉納したのが始 まりとされています。この聖観世音菩薩は、秘仏とされ、33年に一度御開帳されています。 今回は、コロナ禍ということで、特別にコロナ早期収束を願い、御開帳となりました。

​フジロックの森  FUJI ROCK Forest in October 2020

This year, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, Fuji Rock Festival 2020 was canceled, but "Fuji Rock" planned and operated by volunteers from the secretariat"Nomori Autumn Leaves Festival" was held, and the performances of "Digital Hanging Scroll" and"Kamimasa Ki shinki- (Music Unit)" were held as the main event. It was done. Especially active in various countries around the world, "Shinki-shinki-" The improvisational playing power of "to)" is fantastic, synchronized with the digital hanging scroll. I was creating a nice space.

今年は新型コロナウィルスの影響でフジロックフェスティバル2020が中止となりましたが、 事務局有志が企画運営した「フジロックの森 秋の紅葉まつり」が開催され、「デジタル掛 軸」と

「神雅氣shinki-(音楽ユニット)」の演奏がメインイベントとして実施されました。 特に世界各国で活躍する「神雅氣-shinki-(音楽ユニット)」の即興

​天神平スキー場   TENJINDAIRA SKI Resorts in November 2020

"Digital hanging scroll" was held as the main event of the Tanigawadake ropeway "Cruising in the sky". Many people visited and enjoyed the starry sky and the digital art of "digital hanging scroll"

谷川岳ロープウェイ「天空のクルージング」のメインイベントとして「デジタル掛軸」が 実施されました。多くの方々が訪れ、満天の星と「デジタル掛軸」のデジタルアートを楽 しんでいました

​パトリア複合商業施設   PATRIA Commercial Complex in November 2020

Planned by the general incorporated association "Nanao Nakato DMO". Various light patterns were projected on the wall of the facility on the station side, creating a fantastic sight. A large number of spectators gathered in front of the station to see the art of light I enjoyed taking commemorative photos.This project was developed as a major theme of creating attractiveness in the city at night as part of the "night meal separation" initiative, which provides guests of Wakura Onsen with dinner at restaurants in the city.

一般社団法人「ななお・なかのとDMO」が企画。駅側の施設壁面にさまざまな光の模様 が映し出され、幻想的な光景を描き出した。駅前には大勢の見物客が集まり、光の芸術に 見入ったり記念写真を撮ったりして楽しんでいた。今回の企画は、和倉温泉の宿泊客に市 内飲食店で夕食を提供する「泊食分離」の取り組みの一環で、夜間の街中の魅力創出が大 きなテーマとして展開されました。

​能登半島・見附島   MITSUKESHIMA Island in December 2020

The large-scale art event "Triennale Oku Noto International Art Festival 2020" scheduled to be held in the fall of 2020 It was canceled due to the corona disaster, and was planned as a new type of digital art event aimed at regional revitalization. I did. Apply for the Agency for Cultural Affairs subsidy project centered on the Matsubayashi Research Institute, and the second amendment for the second year of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Reiwa It was adopted as a calculation project "Continuing support project for cultural and artistic activities" and has been implemented this time.

2020年秋に開催予定であった大型芸術イベント「トリエンナーレ・奥能登国際芸術祭2020」が、 コロナ禍の中、中止になり、地方創生を目的とした新しい形のデジタルアートイベントとして 企画されました。松林研究所を中心に文化庁助成金事業に申請し、文化庁令和2年度第二次補正 予算事業「文化芸術活動の継続支援事業」として採択され、今回の実施に至りました。

​長瀞岩畳   NAGATORO IWADATAMI Park in December 2020

About 3 million tourists visit Nagatoro every year, but due to the spread of the new coronavirus, The tourism industry has been hit hard. To support tourist operators who are exhausted by the influence of the new corona In addition, in order to renew the image of day trips so far, the natural beauty of Nagatoro in winter and contemporary art are fused. It was planned with the aim of attracting new tourists.

長瀞町は年間で約300万人の観光客が訪れていましたが、新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大で、 観光産業は大きな打撃を受けました。新型コロナの影響で疲弊した観光事業者を支援するとと もに、これまでの日帰り観光のイメージを刷新するため、冬の長瀞の自然美と現代アートを 融合させ、新たな観光客獲得を目指して企画されました。

​和倉温泉・渡月庵   TOGETSU-AN in December 2020

Togetsuan (former Shibabata Annex) was built in 1915. To Kiichiro Kitamura, the builder of Wakuramachi Therefore it was built. Located in Wakura Onsen, where modern inns are lined up, Watari is quietly built near Togetsukyo Bridge. Tsukian is a really small inn, but it is known as the oldest inn in Wakura Onsen, a Sukiya-style building. Has been Hinoki cypress and Yakusugi are no longer available in the columns and ceilings of each of the two-story wooden rooms. High-grade wood is used abundantly, and it is said that the technology is now difficult to reproduce. It is recorded that famous singers and imperial people also visited this building.

渡月庵(旧柴端別館)が建てられたのは大正四年(1915年)。和倉町の棟梁北村喜一郎によって 建てられました。近代的な旅館が建ち並ぶ和倉温泉にあって、渡月橋近くにひっそりと建つ渡 月庵はほんとうに小さな宿ですが、和倉温泉の旅館としては最古の、数寄屋造りの建造物とし て知られています。木造二階建ての各客室の欄間や格天井には、檜や屋久杉など現在では手に 入らない高級木材がふんだんに使われ、その技術は現在では再現が難しいと言われております。 この建造物には、有名な歌人や皇室の方々も訪れたと記録に残っております。

​光のアートで校舎を包もう   DKFORUM SPIN-OFF Project 2020

This year, due to the self-restraint of Corona, we were forced to close the school for a long time, and we learned a lot outside of subject classes such as cultural festivals, sports festivals, and art presentations. It is decreasing. Learning at these on-campus events is an "active learning" for realizing "independent, interactive, and deep learning."  I think that it also plays a big role as a "gu", but in the limited time like this year, the high school alone organizes an event and holds it.  I don't think it's easy to do. Therefore, the university will propose a collaborative lesson to provide a place for students to learn.


​東京女子学院   DTOKYO WOMEN'S ACADEMY in September 2020
​成女学園   SEIJO GAKUEN ACADEMY in November 2020
​駒込学園   KOMAGOME GAKUEN ACADEMY in November 2020
​北鎌倉女子学園   KITAKAMAKURA WOMEN'S ACADEMY in December 2020
​逗子開成学園   ZUSHI KAISEI GAKUEN ACADEMY in December 2020
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